Architecture - Arena of the Future


The venue will be a manifestation of materials, form and knowledge of Gotland.
So what does a venue like that look like?

"The arena's design will be characterised by Gotland. Gotlandic Inspired by nature, sea, limestone, fossils and Gotlandic building traditions. To be the arena of the future, these design languages interpreted and translated into an ambitious and challenging Gotlandic architecture." Jon Frederick

The arena's architecture is the first impression a visitor will then she visits Gotland Arena.
An arena in the form and materials reflect the island and its qualities.

It is therefore important that its external form arouses interest and curiosity. The exterior will match and give a foretaste of what lies beneath the skin.

Here are some of the condition we gave the architect:

- The stadium as the venue in the Baltic Sea is reflected in the architecture

- Gotlandic design language, inspired by the Gotland countryside and culture, a symbol of the island.

- Unique in shape.

- Challenging, surprising, an experience, interesting

- "Spaceship in the forest glade"

- "The arena of the future, one to lead you into tomorrow's architecture”

- Eco-smart, ecological sustainability in construction and operation, ability to manage green certification requirements.

- Gotland material, such as wood, limestone, concrete

- Be able to host the pilot plant for Swedish technology

- Opportunity to shadow the stadium itself from direct sunlight

These qualifications gave
Jon Fredriksson and colleagues a lot to think about. YAJ Architects has certainly proven its professionalism and responsiveness with the beautiful designs that Gotland Arena.
With flair and attention to detail, they have developed a shape that fits perfectly into the surroundings and provides the conditions of a future entrepreneur should pursue.

An arena to be proud of.

A symbol of and for Gotland