Gotland as a whole is our inspiration and base for Gotland Arena. Gotland's geographical location, history and unique nature make up the conditions for a natural meeting place.

We'll let history inspire and we see the qualities that Gotland once had as a meeting point as the same it offers today.

The geographical location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, bordered by nine nations, creating a unique heritage to govern, Gotland in both material, design and form.
We will create an arena to talk about.
An exciting new meeting place on Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

The island's isolation also creates good conditions for social and emotional meeting qualities.

Sea, light and limestone spiced with a fascinating history, represents the foundation for an inspiring meeting place.  A EQ smart venue.

Our planet needs consideration.
Our future needs reflection.
This is why we will build the arena with eco-smart solutions to create real sustainability.
We want to Gotland Arena is to contribute to its environment more than it takes from it..

An Eco-Smart venue.

With the right starting point

The Gotland limestone character is one of the inspirations for the stadium's design.

"Limestones layered structure has inspired us to a composition of separate layers or shields. Shields are double curved, forming the stadium walls and ceiling. They meet with level shifts so that gaps are formed." - YAJ architects

More information coming soon. You can
YAJ architects and their innovative ideas about architecture.